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Business Boutique

Hey Guys!

Wow, Christmas came and went and I feel like it was a blur! But here we are getting ready to celebrate a new year! 2020! I don't know about you, but I have so many goals and plans for this coming year! Im not just talking New Years resolutions. We all make those, well most of us do. Even if we don't say them out loud. But I'm talking about well thought out, drawn out plans. Plans for my personal life and plans for my business life.

In my quest to find out how to make the best business plans that would help me succeed, (so mid march it wasn't dying out) I came across this book called Business Boutique. Now I have many books on business, goals, leadership.... but none that given me a clear cut plan and free workbook to get it done!

I was so excited when I found this book and started reading it! I read it twice before downloading my free workbook! Let me just tell you, if you are a baker this book is for you! Now I say if you are a baker, but the book is for any business owner. But let me tell you why it is even more beneficial to us bakers!

Christy, the author of the book, did an amazing job taking all the experiences she had growing up in her mom's bakery and using those experiences to teach about running a successful business! It is written for all women business owners but the message from the ''baker's daughter" view was just something that really drew me in! It gave it that personal touch! She also has a full 2020 planner to go along with the book! Yes, I am getting it! Check it out in the link on the right!

This book is part of the Dave Ramsey financial collection. If you don't know who he is, definitely check him out too. He teaches some of the best business and life principles for living debt free! A great goal for 2020!

The book was so down to earth, through, practical, and educational. It has helped me identify my ideal client, set up plans to strategically measure growth, and brand my business in a creative way! She breaks down yearly goals into short term goals that are measurable so you are sure to stay on track.

I am so happy to be starting off 2020 with a great business plan! It is an amazing feeling to have everything laid out, written down and ready to go!

Check out Christie's book ''Business Boutique'' and let me know if it helps you! Happy New Year Caking Friends!





business boutique
Business Boutique

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