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You will find that most of our most beloved recipes are weight based. For these recipes you will need a small kitchen scale. But they are so worth it! Just look at the results!!! Look at the tender soft crumb in our cake photos!  They speak for themselves. You to can achieve this too! the great thing about learning to bake by weight measurements is it is also sooooo much easier! you don’t half to worry about if the cup is full or to packed down. You get even and consistent results every time!

Follow along as we explore the world of sugar and learn new techniques along the way. From our amazing buttercream recipes, intricate sugar work, or our easy to follow fondant figure guides, we are here to help you make your cake not only look amazing, but stand out like a true work or art! Edible Sugar Art!

Learn how we make our perfectly smooth space case buttercream that creates the perfect canvas to every cake. You can’t have a beautiful cake without a beautiful foundation. You will learn how to create the best foundation for your cakes and achieve a flawless and elegant buttercream finish that makes fondant jealous! This will be a perfect base to build on and adorn with all the sugar work you learn here! You can start right now with that here! http://ediblesugarart.com/space-case-airless-buttercream/

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