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Cream Tart Craze of 2018!!

Cream Tart Craze of 2018!!

Cream Tart Craze of 2018 These little guys have taken the world by storm. They are everywhere! And I have had a blast making them! I cannot even explain how soft and delicate the snow is it bakes into a perfect crossed for this desert. […]

Meringue Kisses

Meringue Kisses. Well if you have been following our recent post then you know this one is coming! Meringue Kisses! Wow! Why have I waited so long to try these??? They are so easy to make. I could have been doing this all along! I […]

Cream Tart Páte Sablée

Cream Tart Pâté Sablée **The Recipes for the filling, macarons, and more are on their way! Sign up for the news letter for updates! A few days ago I had never even seen one of these beauties and then suddenly they were everywhere. And with […]

Painted Flower Buttercream Cake Tutorial

Painted Flower Buttercream Cake Tutorial

Painted Flower Buttercream Cake Tutorial by Edible Sugar Art LLC Today I am using a deep red buttercream made by mixing a small drop of black into it and allowing the color to set up. The complimentary pink/rose has a drop of brown added that […]

Space Case Airless Buttercream

Space Case Airless Buttercream Hey Guys!! Can I just tell you one thing that pains me the most as a cake artist??? Its watching a new cake artist struggle and almost give up because they cant ice their cake! I see it all the time! On facebook, […]


Welcome To Edible Sugar Art! Home of all things sweet, delicious and artfully crafted!

We are dedicated to providing high quality easy to follow recipe that taste amazing and give you consistent results! This is why most of our most loved recipes are weight based. You will need a small kitchen scale for these recipes. But they are so worth it! Just look at the results!!! Look at the tender soft crumb in these cakes! You to can achieve this!

Follow along as we explore the world of sugar and learn new techniques along the way. From our amazing buttercream recipes to and easy applications to make your cakes look stunning, you will find a cake creation perfect for your occasion.

Learn fondant and gum paste skills, watch video tutorials on fondant figures, flowers, and more. Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter to get up to date information on new recipe releases, tutotials and everyone’s favorite, GIVEAWAYS! Follow along on facebook and instagram as well!

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