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Halloween cauldron mini cakes

Halloween cauldron mini cakes

Oh its that time oh year …. The one where I get to wear funny make up and clothes and people stop looking at me so strangely. Ok well maybe they still look at me strangely but that is beside the point!

Halloween cauldron mini cakes

The best part is still the time of year! It is after all the one holiday where everyone in the entire neighborhood comes out of their houses!!!! Yes they are dressed up as possible serial killers and demand candy as payments not to do you any harm…. but that to is beside the point! LOL

This time of year also means CANDY!

And candy means CHOCOLATE!

And chocolate means CAKE! Except these are vanilla but still …

So along came these little guys! How cute are they!!!! Everyone say awe!!!!

Halloween cauldron mini cakes

This awesome little mold we used was from Michaels craft store Celebrate It line. So cute and as always I used the 40% off phone app coupon!

We used Wiltons candy melts for the coating and their green gels on top. The cute little eyeballs and green pearl sprinkles were all from the Wilton line and sold at Michaels as well.

For the cake we used our “Not So Vanilla – Vanilla Cake” recipe. Have you tried it yet? No? What are you waiting for! It’s super easy and amazing!! And the best part is the scraps that will be left over! You know what you get to do with those right!

You can find our  “Not So Vanilla – Vanilla Cake” we used recipe below? We baked it in a very thin layer. Perfect for fitting in these little cakes!

We had an awesome time making these halloween cauldron mini cakes and decorating them but even more fun devouring them!

Not So Vanilla – Vanilla Cake