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Icing Images FlexFrost Rose Tutorial

Icing Images FlexFrost Rose tutorial.
Hi guys! If you have been following along then you have seen our Icing Images FlexFrost Rose. It is one of my new favorites to make! They are so easy, quick, and can be used almost right away. The petals are so thin and realistic. Mach thinner than you can roll gumpaste and keep it from breaking.

Icing images flex frost rose

To start off making the Rose you need the FlexFrost sheets sold by Icing Images. I am also using standard scrapbook punches to cut out various size circles. You will need a foam ball and stick of some sort and edible glue/water.

Icing images flex frost rose

In this video we used the rose gold FlexFrost sheets. Our previous flowers, such as the cabbage rose were made using the white sheets. The sheets also take color dust well if you want to add highlights.

Stay tuned for our tutorial  video on our cabbage rose coming up !

Icing images flex frost cabbage rose

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If you need an awesome cake recipe to create the cake such we did above, be sure to check out  our not so vanilla vanilla cake!

Also head on over to to pick up your flex frost sheets today. There are so many options to using the flex for a sheet and scrapbook cutters. If you notice the border on the cake above and gold lace inside the fault line both are made using flexfrost sheet and a scrapbook lace cutter.  This was a super easy and effective alternative to using a ribbon or a lace mat.  There are so many different variations of scrapbook cutters that the possibilities are endless.

Don’t forget to leave us a comment if you try out this to tutorial! Thanks so much

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Icing Images FlexFrost Christening Cake Topper

Hey guys! So if you saw my last post about the Sugar Dress, then it’s easy to see why I am in love with these FlexFrost sheets from Icing Images. If not, you can check that out here: They are so versatile and can be used in so many ways. So today I scaled down the Sugar Dress onto a itty bitty baby and made a christening gown and matching cupcake toppers.

This was so easy and fun to do. The baby molds I use are from First Impressions Molds. If you want a baby to come out looking pretty, order from the source and not a knock off! Otherwise your babies face might be jacked! 🤷‍♀️ I dust the hair with Roxy & Rich color dust and sometimes add a little pink on the cheeks.

I cut a 4” strip longwise of FlexFrost and I creased the edges and sealed them over with water. Like a hem on a dress. Then I started to accordion fold the strip pinching the top and fanning out the bottom.

Use a little water or edible glue on the back of the baby and apply the punched end. Press it down and use a little more water to “melt” blend the pinched end smooth on the baby.

Cut a square to use for the back of her dress and notch out arm holes and trim around her neck area. Use a little water to adhere it to her.

Next, use your rose gold FlexFrost and cut 4 strips. Place to down the back of the dress. Add a drop of water to the center of the third strip and bring the opposite two ends into the center to make the bow. Use the fourth strip to wrap around the center. Apply it at the top where the two strips on her dress meet.

Cut out a strip for a headband and apply it with a small drop of water. I used a paper punch for the center flower and cross. These come in so many shapes and sizes.

For the cupcake toppers, just roll out some fondant and cut using a scalloped edge cookie cutter. I used another lace paper punch. There are so many styles of craft punches now that you can really personalize your topper. I used a little water to attach it to the fondant. Then finished it up with another flower and cross.

Be sure to check out the video at the bottom!

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Isomalt Skeleton Flower

Skeleton flower
Skeleton flower

Isomalt Skeleton Flower or just the skeleton flower. Otherwise known as Diphelleia grayi. Its white petals turn crystal clear when they become wet. It only grows it 3 places in the world, and in the US, that place is the Appalachian Mountains.

When I first saw this amazing flower a few weeks ago, the first thing I thought was how cool it would be in isomalt! I don’t use isomalt much but have been wanting to and it is on my 2019 list of things to challenge myself to learn. So a quick amazon shopping trip and a few days later I had some supplies!

My first attempt I painted the centers. But this time I used colored isomalt to make the centers. I had some yellow isomalt already from a cake show goody bag! Yay! For the little green center I mixed a tiny bit of Roxy and Rich green color cust into the isomalt and made a light green. It works perfect. I also used Roxy and Rich white to mix in to make to white petals yesterday.

I started out melting the yellow in the microwave, stirring it smooth, and pouring it out onto a silicone mat.


Once cool enough to touch with gloved hands, i form it into a ball then I stared to pick up little pieces with a pick and turn the ends. This is to make the stamens.

Next I melted the clear isomalt. I separated a small amount to mix with a tiny bit of Roxy & Rich color dust to make the green.

I formed the rest of the white into a ball when it was cool enough to handle with gloved hands. Then pulled off small sections and formed them into petal/teardrop shapes. Working quickly i then placed them into a rose petal veiner I have and pressed them. I held them for a second till they were cool enough to hold the shape. Repeat to make 6 petals per flower.

Take a ball of clear isomalt and form a cone and stick a stick in it. I used a cake pop type stick. Turn it upside down on the mat to make the top flat for the petals to stick to.

Place the stick in a jar or something to hold it as you work on it. Use your blow torch to heat the ball and/or ends of the flowers and stick them to the ball. I stuck the two on opposite sides. Then the next two on one side and the next two on the other. It spaced them nicely. However by the time i took pics I had broken a few off and had to replace them!!!! So sad!!!

Once you have the flower petals on, carefully heat the end of the green piece and place it on and then the yellow pieces around it. I would suggest tweezers for this.

Drop some little tiny drops of isomalt onto your mat. Once they dry, turn them over. Heat them quickly with the torch. one quick pass will do. Then touch the petals to the drops to pic them up to make it look like rain.

The petals are very fragile! I broke several! It is different to get use to but is was a lot of fun and so pretty. The skeleton flower is so unique! I wonder if it is as fragile as the isomalt skeleton flower!

I like the colored isomalt centers better than the painted. Here is a comparison. Here is also the isomalt mixed with the white roxy and rich giving the isomalt skeleton flower its “before” appearance.

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial! If you make a skeleton flower please share it at I would love to see it!

Thanks Guys!!!!

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