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Easter Sloth Tutorial

Well we couldn’t let Easter pass without bringing in the sloth! Check out this free Easter Sloth Tutorial and if you make your own feel free to share with me!


For this tutorial you can use fondant or modeling chocolate. Or a mixture of both. I used Satin Ice Choco pan and Satin Ice fondant mixed together. You can do this without the Choco pan. If you are using Choco pan remember it gets a little warmer and softer with your warm hands. It will set back up nicely when you stop touching it.


I used Satin Ice Fondant in brown and mixed it with white Choco Pan to create a lighter shades. I also used the teal, green and pink Satin Ice and mixed it with White to make it lighter.

I used Styrofoam balls to make the top lighter in weight and to save product. You can do this without the balls and just use more Satin Ice. The size that you want to make your topper will determine the size of balls that you use. Are used a 1 inch and TWO 1-1/2 inch foam balls.

 These work great for building figures!

I am using one of the larger balls and a smaller ball on top join together with toothpicks. You can also add a drop of hot glue to make it more secure if you would like. Just use your hands to roll out the brown color fondant you will be using and make a log to fill in the empty space between the two balls and make it even. Then roll out another piece of brown large enough to wrap around the two balls. Wrap it around the balls seal it together and trim off any excess. Then just use your hands to smooth it into a oval egg shape.

Now take the second large ball and  roll out a piece of fondant large enough to cover it, and wrap it around the ball. Trim off any excess and roll it into a smooth round ball. I like to roll mine slightly oval. The two oval ends will be the cheek area. So when you’re looking at the topper from the front, the face is a little wider than it is tall. Now take the second large ball and roll out a piece of fondant large enough to cover it. Wrap it around the ball. Trim off any excess and roll it into a smooth round ball. I like to roll mine slightly oval. The two oval ends will be the cheek area. So when you’re looking at the topper from the front the face is a little wider than it is tall.

Use a Dressen tool, toothpick, knife or other tool to score the texture of fur marks into all the pieces. You can use a heart shape cutter if you have one the correct size for the face or cut out a circle in the light tan and then cut away the excess to make a heart. This will go on the face. I use the same tool to score around the edges and blend it into the darker brown. Then I just take a small ball of brown and flatten it with my fingers into a tear shaped placing it. Place it on the heart in a slightly downward direction at the corners.

I like to use the bottom of a round piping tip to create the mouth. And then I use a toothpick to open it up in the center just slightly pulling down. I make a little hole at each corner of the mouth. Take a tiny piece of pink and flatten it with my fingers and use the toothpick to insert it into the mouth. Then use the toothpick to secure the head.

Next just take the accent color of your choice, I am using a mint green. Shape it into a small egg shape with a flat back. Use a little bit of water or your edible glue to attach it to the belly.

Next roll out a little white and trim the ends to make a headband. Use a little water or edible glue to attach it to the head. To make the ears I just made a teardrop shape in white and placed another pink teardrop shape inside it or used mobile tool to hollow out the center.


Since the second ear is standing up, I secured it with a toothpick. I rolled a little white ball for a bunny tail and attached it with edible glue and gave it some texture using a star piping tip.

I made a few little leaves and flowers to add to the headband and a little bow for the neck. You can do this using molds or you can do it freehand.

We finish it off by making a cute little Easter basket. I cut out a circle using a larger piping tip end. I then rolled three lines of fondant and pinched them at the top and then braided them down. I added a little glue to the round base and wrapped a braid around the outside edge. Trim off the excess. For the handle I took one roll of fondant and twisted it and added it with a little glue to the inside of the basket. I then made little balls for colored Easter eggs and added them inside the basket.
And that’s it! You have your very own sloth bunny ready to steal candy and take all your eggs! Let me know if you try to make this and share a pic at For a chance at being featured.

Check out some of our great recipes such as our Cinnamon Roll Cakeand other great tutorials!

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Business Boutique

Hey Guys!

Wow, Christmas came and went and I feel like it was a blur! But here we are getting ready to celebrate a new year! 2020! I don't know about you, but I have so many goals and plans for this coming year! Im not just talking New Years resolutions. We all make those, well most of us do. Even if we don't say them out loud. But I'm talking about well thought out, drawn out plans. Plans for my personal life and plans for my business life.

In my quest to find out how to make the best business plans that would help me succeed, (so mid march it wasn't dying out) I came across this book called Business Boutique. Now I have many books on business, goals, leadership.... but none that given me a clear cut plan and free workbook to get it done!

I was so excited when I found this book and started reading it! I read it twice before downloading my free workbook! Let me just tell you, if you are a baker this book is for you! Now I say if you are a baker, but the book is for any business owner. But let me tell you why it is even more beneficial to us bakers!

Christy, the author of the book, did an amazing job taking all the experiences she had growing up in her mom's bakery and using those experiences to teach about running a successful business! It is written for all women business owners but the message from the ''baker's daughter" view was just something that really drew me in! It gave it that personal touch! She also has a full 2020 planner to go along with the book! Yes, I am getting it! Check it out in the link on the right!

This book is part of the Dave Ramsey financial collection. If you don't know who he is, definitely check him out too. He teaches some of the best business and life principles for living debt free! A great goal for 2020!

The book was so down to earth, through, practical, and educational. It has helped me identify my ideal client, set up plans to strategically measure growth, and brand my business in a creative way! She breaks down yearly goals into short term goals that are measurable so you are sure to stay on track.

I am so happy to be starting off 2020 with a great business plan! It is an amazing feeling to have everything laid out, written down and ready to go!

Check out Christie's book ''Business Boutique'' and let me know if it helps you! Happy New Year Caking Friends!





business boutique
Business Boutique
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Halloween Grout and Sunflower Sugar Skull

Hey guys! We are finally in the full swing of fall in my neck of the woods! And I couldn't be more excited! The weather is cool and the leaves are changing! With that brings my favorite fall season... Halloween! So today's tutorial is inspired by the the alien groot and a combination of a sugar skull sunflower. Quiet a interesting combination! I made this guy a little while back but it has taken me forever to get around to posting it. So here we go!

The groot base was made using aluminum foil as a filler. However, this could easily be made half cake on the bottom and then foil for the arms and details. As we worked our way up, we kept his head hollow for the insertion of a tea light and also he can be used as a candy bowl on top his head!

Icing Images wafer paper and their spray Paper Potion was used to cover the foil and create all his textures. After the paper was on and dry, I painted him with a mixture of paint and lemon extract. You can find Icing Images products here:

For his eyes we used green wafer paper and I used a simple tea light to light them up from behind.

For the sugar skull, I used the skull mold from sugar geek to create a white chocolate skull. I first filled the mold with chocolate only on the surface. I then placed it in the freezer. after it was hard, I filled it with buttercream and cake. Then another layer of white chocolate to seal it. Back in the freezer it went until set hard.

You can find the skull mold here:

I used Roxy & Rich color dust to highlight the skull. I also used this on the Flex Frost sheets from Icing Images to dim down the yellow Americolor I had painted on.

For the sunflower petals I used Flexfrost sheets. I had to paint white chocolate on the back to make them stand as the FlexFrost is too soft. If I was doing it over I would have just used wafer paper for the petals as well. Oh Well!

I highlighted the center of each petal with orange dust. The orange dust was also used to make little florets inside the sunflower and around to frame the skull.

I used a little more white chocolate to attach each petal to the skull.

When it was all done I used a hot metal circle cutter to melt a hole in the bottom of the skull the same size as the pvc pipe. I then used a little more chocolate to adhere it onto the pipe.

The Pvc pipe was covered in green wafer paper and the leaves were made from it as well.

I hope you guys enjoy this little tutorial! Let me know if you try any of these techniques!

 For a great cake recipe to use in this check out a few HERE:

Be sure to check out both Part 1 and Part 2 on then YouTube video!

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Amaranthus Sugar Flower with Wafer Paper

Amaranthus flowers, also called “love lies bleeding” or “flaming fountain” make a beautiful additional to any bridal bouquet. They create a very full and cascading look. The can be used to create gorgeous hanging flower displays, cascading bouquets, grand center pieces that are over flowing, and today we are going to make a sugar version to add this beautiful flower to our cake!


The deep red color of the Amaranthus is perfect for moody fall weddings, woodland inspired designs, romantic fairy tale inspired events, a mid summers night dream tablescrapes and so much more. The gorgeous color and texture makes it stand out and be noticed.

Today I wanted to make a sugar version to accent a semi naked cake with ombre burgundy gum paste roses. After using a tutorial from Pamela to make this black velvet texture cake shown here, I knew just how I wanted to create the fuzzy texture of this flower. You can find Pamela Janes tutorial here:

To start off I first made the shapes creating long thin “worms” of burgundy gum paste. I created my color mixing half satin ice Burgundy fondant with half satin ice gum paste. I rolled them out and inserted floral wire through the center. I bent it while still soft to create a flowing look. I also made sure that the “worms” were bumpy. Leaving texture on them as apposed to making them smooth.

I created some that did not have wire in them as well incase I wanted to add one somewhere I couldn’t safely attach the wire.

I left them to dry over night.

I took Icing Images wafer paper and tore it into pieces and placed those inside my blender. A coffee grinder is also great for this. I ground it up into an almost fine powder but still leaving a little texture and small pieces of paper.

Next I added Roxy & Rich color dust in Burgundy and mixed for a second more. I add a little at a time until I had my desired color. Fyi, it doesn’t take much!

 I poured the wafer paper powder out on a plate and then I used a little bit of gylecerian to wet the ”wired worms.” I was going to use a spray bottle with a little watered down corn syrup which I believe would work great but alas this day my spray bottle was missing. The glycerin just so happened to be the first thing I saw when I went looking for it and I decided to just use my fingers to rub a little on and then dip into the wafer paper dust.

After I dipped them, I placed the remaining wafer paper back into the mixer and I ground it up a little finer. Then I took the “worms”, which now resemble the Amaranthus, and gently pushed them into the finer powder for an extra coat.

I was amazed at how beautiful the turned out and how easy they were! Check them out on this cake Below!!! They went beautiful with our ombre sugar roses and ferns!

I will definitely be doing more of these in the future! If you need a great cake recipe to use these on, be sure to check out

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Icing Images FlexFrost Rose Tutorial

Icing Images FlexFrost Rose tutorial.
Hi guys! If you have been following along then you have seen our Icing Images FlexFrost Rose. It is one of my new favorites to make! They are so easy, quick, and can be used almost right away. The petals are so thin and realistic. Mach thinner than you can roll gumpaste and keep it from breaking.

Icing images flex frost rose

To start off making the Rose you need the FlexFrost sheets sold by Icing Images. I am also using standard scrapbook punches to cut out various size circles. You will need a foam ball and stick of some sort and edible glue/water.

Icing images flex frost rose

In this video we used the rose gold FlexFrost sheets. Our previous flowers, such as the cabbage rose were made using the white sheets. The sheets also take color dust well if you want to add highlights.

Stay tuned for our tutorial  video on our cabbage rose coming up !

Icing images flex frost cabbage rose

Watch the full video here and don’t forget to subscribe!

If you need an awesome cake recipe to create the cake such we did above, be sure to check out  our not so vanilla vanilla cake!

Also head on over to to pick up your flex frost sheets today. There are so many options to using the flex for a sheet and scrapbook cutters. If you notice the border on the cake above and gold lace inside the fault line both are made using flexfrost sheet and a scrapbook lace cutter.  This was a super easy and effective alternative to using a ribbon or a lace mat.  There are so many different variations of scrapbook cutters that the possibilities are endless.

Don’t forget to leave us a comment if you try out this to tutorial! Thanks so much

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Icing Images FlexFrost Christening Cake Topper

Hey guys! So if you saw my last post about the Sugar Dress, then it’s easy to see why I am in love with these FlexFrost sheets from Icing Images. If not, you can check that out here: They are so versatile and can be used in so many ways. So today I scaled down the Sugar Dress onto a itty bitty baby and made a christening gown and matching cupcake toppers.

This was so easy and fun to do. The baby molds I use are from First Impressions Molds. If you want a baby to come out looking pretty, order from the source and not a knock off! Otherwise your babies face might be jacked! 🤷‍♀️ I dust the hair with Roxy & Rich color dust and sometimes add a little pink on the cheeks.

I cut a 4” strip longwise of FlexFrost and I creased the edges and sealed them over with water. Like a hem on a dress. Then I started to accordion fold the strip pinching the top and fanning out the bottom.

Use a little water or edible glue on the back of the baby and apply the punched end. Press it down and use a little more water to “melt” blend the pinched end smooth on the baby.

Cut a square to use for the back of her dress and notch out arm holes and trim around her neck area. Use a little water to adhere it to her.

Next, use your rose gold FlexFrost and cut 4 strips. Place to down the back of the dress. Add a drop of water to the center of the third strip and bring the opposite two ends into the center to make the bow. Use the fourth strip to wrap around the center. Apply it at the top where the two strips on her dress meet.

Cut out a strip for a headband and apply it with a small drop of water. I used a paper punch for the center flower and cross. These come in so many shapes and sizes.

For the cupcake toppers, just roll out some fondant and cut using a scalloped edge cookie cutter. I used another lace paper punch. There are so many styles of craft punches now that you can really personalize your topper. I used a little water to attach it to the fondant. Then finished it up with another flower and cross.

Be sure to check out the video at the bottom!

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SoFlo Cake and Candy Expo 2019 and What I Learned

sugar dress


Soflo Cake and Candy expo 2019 and what I learned.

What a month April was! I can't believe it's over! So many amazing things happened. I turned 40! Gasp!!!
My birthday was during our trip to one of my most looked forward to moments of the year. I had special friends along the way who went above and beyond to celebrate with me the ENTIRE week! We are talking "team birthday girl" shirts, lights strung in the mini van, party paint all over the outside windows, streamers.... And so began our 14 hour drive from Virginia to Florida!

Last year we flew. Competition piece and installation price for ACD in tow. But after receiving that pretty sticker on my perfectly packaged materials, (you know the one that says TSA just destroyed your crap) at the pick up gate, we decided to drive my pieces. The sugar dress was to valuable to leave my site this time! So we placed her in her box lined with pink packing peanuts and off we went.

She survived the trip like a seasoned travel pro. Gia, as we affectionately named her as she was coming to life, had the best seat in the van. When we stopped to eat, we requested a seat at the window so we could watch after her and remote start the van and AC every 15 minutes.

My competition piece didn't travel as well as my bird took off from his perch after hitting a speed bump no one saw. But that is for another post.

Gia was unpackaged as soon as we arrived at the hotel in Miami. The few wrinkles she had in her sugar skirt soon faded away from the humid Florida weather. We placed her on her stand and finished a few little pieces of jewelry and paint spots.


Soflo Cake and Candy expo 2019 and what I learned.

She was going to be in the Installation booth for American Cake Decorating Magazine. A install with so many talented artist I never dreamed of working with. There were so many pieces. The whole process is truly a labor of love and a great bonding experience among cake friends. We had such a great time building the set and creating the scene. It was the perfect backdrop to all of our pieces. There were sugar shoes, hats, many purses, picture frames, hanging decorative cookies, mini desserts, tarts, a amazing food realism piece... I could go on and on. But instead I will such share a few pics.


While I won't write all about our process of setting up the install, (that will be in American Cake Decorating Magazines next issue-make sure you subscribe!) I do want to share my love for this piece and everyone who was involved. Mainly I want to share with you what happens when you STOP BEING AFRAID!!!


Last year was my first year at Soflo. It was my first entry to a real cake show. It was my first time traveling to a cake show and meeting new people. It was wayyyyyy out of my comfort zone. As someone who has a hard time talking to strangers and a lot of self confidence issues, the last two years have been filled with a lot of first for me.

I made a commitment two years ago to get out of my head and take on something completely unlike me. The first time I messaged Rebekah Wilbur at ACD two years ago to create sugar flowers for the install I could barely breathe after wondering what I had just done. It took every bit of my soul to hit that send button. No one was ever going to let me be part of this. I was new. I was no one. I was embarrassed for even messaging. To my complete and utter shock she said yes!

I ended up create a sugar wheel barrel filled with sugar flowers and a bunny with a watering dish. When I arrived at SoFlo to drop off my piece (after fixing what TSA had done) and saw all the other amazing designs it was going to be part of, I could barely keep it together. I dropped it off scared and emotionally broken. I went back to the car crying to my sister, friend and daughter.

My piece was not worthy to be there. The other artist were so amazing. They were never going to like this. It was going to ruin the whole display!!!! See... low confidence kicking in there. I was sure I would come down in the morning and it would be gone. Or hidden away behind another piece. My family told me to KNOCK IT OFF! My piece was great and all the things a good support team say.

(My competition piece I also entered that year)

Well, morning came and the doors to the show opened and I reluctantly went down. To me surprise and amazement there sat my piece. Sitting down in the front corner. With all the other amazing artist designs. I was ecstatic, emotional, still a little horrified.... but it was a turning moment. I had done something outside of myself. Something I never ever imagined.

I had only hoped to attend the show when we bought the tickets. Maybe I would meet some key people and maybe the following year I would reach out to them. Never in a million years did I expect to be part of it.

Not only was my piece sitting there I was also scheduled to demo in the ACD some of my work and the toppers I make. WHAT??? I was soooo scared. So excited. I couldn't believe it had happened. I dream I never thought I would be able to reach. Mainly because I couldn't GET OUT OF MY OWN HEAD!!! But it all came together. God had a perfectly placed plan for growing me and my life and helping me step out.

   Soflo Cake and Candy expo 2019 and what I learned.


So what is the point of all of this from a cake show post? Simple. Get out of YOUR head!!! You also can follow your dreams. You also can make them happen. It might be scary. You might have to go bury your face in a pillow after you send that first email. You may not get a response your first time. You may get told no. I did before. It knocked me down and stalled me. But it didn't have to! I didn't have to let my own thought control me. If you have a goal, GO DO IT! Make a plan. Work towards it everyday. And reach out to the people who will help make it happen!


When I was able to be part of the install this year it was huge. Last year I dropped off my piece and ran. This year I worked with amazing artists and friends to build and entire set. During that time I also built a whole new confidence level. I did demos each day in the ACD booth and this time I wasn't scared! It was so natural! It was me and were I was suppose to be! I hope to one day teach a class at SoFlo! A goal I never thought I would actually reach but now I see it sight!

What a learning experience 40 has already been! I can't wait to see where this year goes. I would also love to hear how your year goes when you get out of your head and start getting into your dreams!

Much Love, Jennifer

A huge thank you to Laurie Collins, Ana McNamara, Susan Collins Ward, Rebekah Wilber,  JoWeine Kake (who is a awesome friend and gifted me a sugar purse I will treasure) Evelyn Montero (Who always greets me with a kind hug!) Hemu Basu, Katy Moser_Brandel, Joyce Marcellus (I could right a whole post on this girl, Love you!) Beth Townsend, Joyce Call Greenlaw , (from Satin Ice who sponsored our fondant!) Michelle Boyde, Blaque Shelton, Debrah Coughlin from Icing Images as my girl Gia took lots of Sugar Flex Sheets. If I left you out, I didn't mean to! Message me and I will edit! Love you all! Thank you for making a dream a possibility and for your kind and welcoming hearts!

Be sure to check out some of our other great post like our Stabilized American Buttercream

and subscribe to our youtube channel at

Soflo Cake and Candy expo 2019 and what I learned.

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Isomalt Skeleton Flower

Skeleton flower
Skeleton flower

Isomalt Skeleton Flower or just the skeleton flower. Otherwise known as Diphelleia grayi. Its white petals turn crystal clear when they become wet. It only grows it 3 places in the world, and in the US, that place is the Appalachian Mountains.

When I first saw this amazing flower a few weeks ago, the first thing I thought was how cool it would be in isomalt! I don’t use isomalt much but have been wanting to and it is on my 2019 list of things to challenge myself to learn. So a quick amazon shopping trip and a few days later I had some supplies!

My first attempt I painted the centers. But this time I used colored isomalt to make the centers. I had some yellow isomalt already from a cake show goody bag! Yay! For the little green center I mixed a tiny bit of Roxy and Rich green color cust into the isomalt and made a light green. It works perfect. I also used Roxy and Rich white to mix in to make to white petals yesterday.

I started out melting the yellow in the microwave, stirring it smooth, and pouring it out onto a silicone mat.


Once cool enough to touch with gloved hands, i form it into a ball then I stared to pick up little pieces with a pick and turn the ends. This is to make the stamens.

Next I melted the clear isomalt. I separated a small amount to mix with a tiny bit of Roxy & Rich color dust to make the green.

I formed the rest of the white into a ball when it was cool enough to handle with gloved hands. Then pulled off small sections and formed them into petal/teardrop shapes. Working quickly i then placed them into a rose petal veiner I have and pressed them. I held them for a second till they were cool enough to hold the shape. Repeat to make 6 petals per flower.

Take a ball of clear isomalt and form a cone and stick a stick in it. I used a cake pop type stick. Turn it upside down on the mat to make the top flat for the petals to stick to.

Place the stick in a jar or something to hold it as you work on it. Use your blow torch to heat the ball and/or ends of the flowers and stick them to the ball. I stuck the two on opposite sides. Then the next two on one side and the next two on the other. It spaced them nicely. However by the time i took pics I had broken a few off and had to replace them!!!! So sad!!!

Once you have the flower petals on, carefully heat the end of the green piece and place it on and then the yellow pieces around it. I would suggest tweezers for this.

Drop some little tiny drops of isomalt onto your mat. Once they dry, turn them over. Heat them quickly with the torch. one quick pass will do. Then touch the petals to the drops to pic them up to make it look like rain.

The petals are very fragile! I broke several! It is different to get use to but is was a lot of fun and so pretty. The skeleton flower is so unique! I wonder if it is as fragile as the isomalt skeleton flower!

I like the colored isomalt centers better than the painted. Here is a comparison. Here is also the isomalt mixed with the white roxy and rich giving the isomalt skeleton flower its “before” appearance.

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial! If you make a skeleton flower please share it at I would love to see it!

Thanks Guys!!!!

Looking for a great cake recipe? try our

Find Rixy and Rich color dust here:

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The Fat Scarecrow

the fat scarecrow

The Fat Scarecrow cake has been in my mind for soooo long! Just waiting for fall to arrive. This is after all, my favorite time of year.

The Fat Scarecrow
The Fat Scarecrow

This little guy had so much fun at the pumpkin patch and munched out on some awesome cinnamon roll cake. He just couldn’t take anymore excitement! He was so mush fun to make. And his little black crow just seemed to be the perfect companion for the fat scarecrow.

The Fat Scarecrow
The Fat Scarecrow

Our cinnamon roll cake makes for the PERFECT fall cake!!!! You must try this recipe! Trust me when I tell you it is amazing. I used two bunt pans for this cake. When they where baked and cooled, turn the first one upside down on your cake board and ice it. Lay the second one on top. It makes a perfect pumpkin shape! Who knew!

The Fat Scarecrow
The Fat Scarecrow

I used satin ice orange fondant to cover the pumpkin cake and then made some indentations along the natural creases of the bunt cake.

The Fat Scarecrow
The Fat Scarecrow

I then used Roxy & Rich Petal dust to highlight the creases. This dust is so nice!

The Fat Scarecrow
The Fat Scarecrow

I am loving my new Katy Sue Design sets! I used the Multi Leaf Veiner set and the Ultimate Filler Flower Set to make up some accessories in no time! They are so nice! They definitely make the job go much faster. If you make a lot of flowers and leaves, these are a must have in your arsenal.

Helping my film is my handy assistant from Arkon Mounts. Look at this guy! It holds my tablet and my phone. I can shoot two angles at once! If you are interested in getting your own please check them out here! And if you use code EDIBLESUGARART at checkout you will receive 20% off model # How amazing is that!

The Fat Scarecrow
The Fat Scarecrow

Watch the video here and don’t forget to subscribe to our youtube channel to keep up with all our tutorials!

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CAKE BOARD DIY Hey guys! Just a quick tutorial here on my DIY cake boards I use for my smaller 2 and 3 tier cakes. These are so easy and cheap to make. They look great and can be customized to match your cake.


They are made using foam core from the craft store and regular cake boards. The tool I use to cut them can be found in the hardware store and is made to cut drywall. It is super easy to use. I use it to cut most all my cake circles to custome sizes.


The ribbon can be any color to match your cake. It is a great way to add a little extra decoration to your cake as well. This one is ready to go for the Wedding Cake below!

And here it is in action. Look how nicely it matches the cake!

My favorite part is I can use them with my CakeSafe without any issue and I don’t have to cut a hole in a wooden board.


Watch the video below to see how to make this super easy and durable Cake board!

And if you need a great recipe to use on those boards try this one here! /